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What is the purpose of PTF?

The purpose of our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)  is to serve as a non-profit school support organization that will commit to supporting a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes spiritual, moral, and academic excellence in the education of each student at MCS. We are committed to leading by Christian example in the areas of leadership, service, prayer, and fellowship between parents, students, and faculty.

To achieve this purpose, we seek to:

  • Be a resource and provide opportunities to all families to serve in various areas that will complement the goals of MCS, support the activities and programs of the PTF, and promote the welfare of MCS students.

  • Host school-related events that promote fellowship amongst families, MCS staff, and students.

  • Foster a spirit of gratitude and appreciation by promoting various functions throughout the school year to recognize and encourage the MCS faculty.

  • Partner with teachers in areas that directly and positively affect student success

  • Pray daily for the families, students, and staff at MCS

  • Provide financial support in ways that will supplement, but not substitute for, MCS’ responsibilities for the maintenance and operation of the school and for the materials and supplies necessary for the teaching of the students enrolled at MCS.

Membership is open to:

  • Any parent, step-parent or legal guardian of a current MCS student

  • All MCS Alumni

  • Extended family & friends of an enrolled student who qualify as having a common interest and loyalty to the purposes and activities of the PTF of MCS

Contact Us:

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  • Facebook Page: PTF at MCS

  • Instagram: PTF_MCS

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2022-2023 PTF Directory

PTF Officers 2022 - 2023

President - Jennifer Stevens

Vice President - Kimberly Reeves

Secretary- Kelly Hammontree

Treasurer - Brandi Patterson

Communications - Amber Fowler

Hospitality - Randi Burleson, Erin Pabody, Sydney Burleson

Membership - Brandi Burns and Brittany Strebeck

Homeroom Coordinator - Hilary Majors

Teacher Appreciation Week - Brandi Patterson and Melissa Durgin

Fall Fun Festival - Ruby Hutto, Kendall Moore, Cheyenne Partlow, Erin Aylor

Family Fun Night - Ruth Macchi and Rosie Wilhoit

Pottery Auction - Amy Weatherly and Adrianne Thompson

Popcorn & M&M's - Ruby Hutto, Kendall Moore and Paige Evans

Kindness Day - Megan DuPriest

Book Fair - Kelly Popino, Melanie Schackleford, Sarah Burger

STEAM Night - Lauren Long and Jenna Johnson

Scholastic Book Fair - Lisa Davis and Kelly Popino

Money Wars - Cheyenne McNeil and Rachel Gray

New Family Coordinator - Emily Waldrop 

Dine to Donate - Chancey Garza

PTF Membership Fellowship - Brandi West