Holly Condit - Librarian

Holly Condit - Librarian


Hello, I am Holly Condit & I am the Elementary Librarian. I have been in Elementary classrooms for the past 13 years and am absolutely thrilled to be working in the library with your students! 

Alex Wilson - Library Aide

Alex Wilson - Library Aide


Hello, I am Alex Wilson & I am the Elementary Library aide. I have been working as the Elementary workroom aide as well as a cafeteria aide at MCS for the past 4 years. I'm excited to broaden my area of skills and can't wait to witness and foster the excitement and love for reading going on in the Library!

Elementary Library hours: 7:35-3:45, daily. Students may come for book return/checkout, A.R. testing, and prizes during this time. 

Elementary Teacher reading to her students

The MCS Accelerated Reader program has undergone a makeover this summer and I am so happy for the kids to get back to school and hear the changes. All Elementary students will be rewarded for their reading/testing efforts in A.R. through the manner of earning points, (rather than word count). Just like each book has a word count, it also has a point value; this is what the students will accumulate to earn prizes this year. (see prize sheet below) For those of you who have been here in years past, you may be asking “what about STAR Club?” Although STAR Club itself is no longer a goal for our readers, all of the previous ‘perks’ of STAR Club are embedded within the new prize list!

Accelerated Reader is a very useful tool in promoting reading stamina and fluency as well as reading comprehension and confidence in readers of all ages. Our goal in this ‘A.R. makeover’ is to encourage and celebrate the love of reading for every single Elementary student in a continuous way throughout the year! We want kids to be excited about reading and look forward to visiting the Library as often as possible!

Our Accelerated Reader “Home Connect” page will help you keep track of your student’s reading goals and progress. You will need our MCS web address (below) and your child’s username & password to login.


Child reading


AR Prize List

5 – pencil

10 – book mark

15 – Religious tattoo OR sheet of stickers

20 – bouncy ball

25 – FREE Bahama Bucks snow cone

30 – sticky Mustang OR +5 on an assignment

35 – snack OR fun pen

40 – Letter Board creation OR rubber bracelet

45 – rubber ducky OR +10 on an assignment

50 – Hat Pass OR PJ Pass

60 – MCS Spirit Swag

70 – sucker OR mini card game

80 – mini stuffed animal OR +10 on an assignment

90 – Read to class of your choice OR MCS fun gear

100 – AR SPOTLIGHT & t-shirt

125 – MCS ball OR PE Standout

150 – Tell a joke on the announcements OR +10 on an assignment

175 – BINGO in the Library

200 – FREE ice cream in the SLC OR religious squishy

250 – Electronics Party

300 – Popsicle Party

400 – Lunch with a friend in the SLC

500 – MCS Spirit Swag

750 – STARBUCKS: MCS Style

1,000 – Principal for an hour OR PE Coach for your class (one period)