Volunteer Hours

Mustang Christian Scholars is a program designed to instill the MCS mission within our student body and to encourage students to serve both the MCS and Midland community. 

Beginning with the Class of 2026, students completing the Distinguished academic plan will also complete 60 hours of community service by February 1st of their senior year. However, students do not have to be on the Distinguished academic plan to participate in Mustang Christian Scholars. Scholars will be honored at graduation their senior year. 

More information on requirements is detailed below. 

Mustang Christian Scholars Requirements

  • Must maintain a 3.25 Cumulative GPA each year

  • 60 hours total to be completed by Feb. 1st of senior year in the following order:

    • Freshman - 20 hours

    • Sophomores - 20 hours

    • Juniors - 10 hours

    • Seniors - 10 hours

  • Half of the hours earned each year must be completed on Midland Christian School’s campus. 

  • Non-MCS hours must come from an official non-profit organization, or through Campus Ministry connections. 

  • Students who complete double or more than the required 60 hours will be awarded with a Mustang Christian Scholars Day.

Note: 2022-2025 Seniors will be grandfathered into the previous Texas Scholars requirements.

To log service hours students will need to create an account through the MobileServe app, an online service hour tracker, and will need to join the Midland Christian School group. Our College Advisor, Ms. Jardon Powell, will approve the hours after they have been verified through the service organization. Account setup instructions can be found at this link: 

MobileServe Instructions

Class Codes: 

  • Class of 2024 - 59F3C9

  • Class of 2025 - FE76DA

  • Class of 2026 - 1E4ACB

  • Class of 2027 - 0D19C5

If seniors plan to attend Midland College next fall and plan to complete Legacy Scholarship hours, they may not use those same volunteer hours for their Mustang Christian Scholars hours. Students may not use the same hours for Mustang Christian Scholars and NHS. Girls may not use the same hours for Mustang Christian Scholars and Symphony Belle requirements.

Please reach out to College Advising for additional questions.