What is Naviance Student?

Naviance Student is an excellent resource for 9th-12th grade students. It is a one stop shop to search for colleges you’re interested in and learn more about specific universities. You can schedule campus tours, message admission counselors and see how you compare to other applicants and accepted students.

Not only does Naviance Student provide extensive information on colleges, it also helps you discover more about your strengths and interests. Under the “About Me” tab there are several assessments that help you know more about how you learn in the classroom, what type of career might be good for you and where your strengths lie.

Naviance Student is also the new way to request college application transcripts. Under the "Colleges" tab there is the "Colleges I'm applying to" section containing a "+Request Transcripts" button. Requesting transcripts through Naviance will notify Ms. Powell to have those transcripts sent to the universities you are applying to.

Naviance Student is a great tool that students and parents alike can learn from and one of the best features about this resource is it is mobile friendly in nature. Make sure to take advantage of Naviance Student and let Ms. Powell know if you have any questions!

**If you are applying to the University of Texas at Austin or Texas A&M University transcripts must be requested through MyStatus and Applicant Information System, respectively.