Texas Scholars is a program created to encourage students to volunteer in their community. The requirements are that a student maintains a 2.75 GPA, be enrolled in the Distinguished or Recommended degree plan and complete at least 40 hours of community service by the middle of their senior year. Students may begin their hours in 9th grade.

Approved hours may come from the following: students may participate with their own youth group service activities, tutor fellow students, help with MCS Fall Fun Festival, give of their time to the soup kitchen, Teen Court, counseling with Op Camp, etc.

Though participation can be noted on your college applications, no scholarship is associated with Texas Scholars. Senior Scholars will be recognized with a special chapel in the spring. At that time they will be presented with a certificate and a white cord to be worn at graduation.

Your child may have already completed his/her hours. There is no limit to the number of hours one may submit. The deadline is the end of the 4th six-weeks for seniors. The chapel program is usually held in late April.

To log service hours students will need to create an account through the MobileServe app, an online service hour tracker, and will need to join the Midland Christian School group. Our College Guidance Counselor, Ms. Jardon Powell will approve the hours after they have been verified through the service organization. Account setup instructions are below:


Class Codes: 

Class of 2020 - E51E11

Class of 2021 - EB2EBD

Class of 2022 - 131657

Class of 2023 - FCF428

**If seniors plan to attend Midland College next fall and have completed or plan to complete Legacy Scholarship hours, they may not use those same volunteer hours for their Texas Scholars hours. Students may also not use the same hours for Texas Scholars and NHS. Girls may not use the same hours for Texas Scholars and Belle requirements**

Any further questions can be directed to our College Guidance Advisor, Jardon Powell.