User Name and Password

      To retrieve your username and password visit www.midlandchristianschool.myschoolapp.com

      • Enter your email address
      • Click the box labeled "password" (user name has already been assigned)
      • Click "Enter"
      • A reset password email will be sent to your inbox
      • Follow the instructions to set your password

      Managing Profile/Notification/Privacy Settings

      • Profile
        • Click the dropdown box in the upper right hand corner with your name and select "Profile"
        • Click the pencil icon in any box to edit information
        • Settings

          Taking Attendance

          • Under the "My Day" tab on your main toolbar click "Schedule & Performance"
          • You will see a calendar view of today's classes
          • Click the dropdown box "Take Attendance"
          • Select All Present
          • Deselect students who are absent

          Creating Assignments

          • Within a specific class, click "Assignments"
          • Once on the Assignments tab, on the right-hand side you will click "+ Assignment"
          • Fill in the necessary information (Title, description, assignment type, abbreviation, max points, due date, etc.)
          • Once saved, select "Calendar View" (right hand side) on the Assignments tab to view upcoming assignments.

          Deleting Assignments

        • Within Gradebook select the button under the assignment to be deleted.
        • Ensure there are no grades entered for the assignment.
        • Select "Edit Assignment Details"
        • Select "Delete" at the bottom of the dialogue box.
        • Select "Confirm"


        • Within a specific class section, click "Gradebook" (not grading)
        • A new window will pop up with your gradebook for that class
        • See the video for more details