Secondary Supply Lists

Subjects will be color-coded. For each class a 3-ring binder will be required in the following color:

  • Math - Blue
  • History - Red
  • Science - Green
  • English - Black
  • Bible - White

The student will need a set of binders for each class, as well as black/blue pens, red pens, pencils, and notebook paper.

** To help with organization, buy colored duct tape and match the book to the color of the folder **

NOTE - make sure duct tape is applied ONLY to the paper cover - NOT to the book itself!

IMPORTANT: All JH students MUST have a 4 GB Flash Drive. They will not be saving projects to the computer any longer. They must have a flash drive at all times.

Individual Class Supply Lists - Arranged Alphabetically by Teacher

Bohne, B.
Bohne, C.
Bryant, E.
Coolbaugh, P.
Counts, M.
Daniels, A.
Dean, M.
Dixon, C.
Elliott, A.
Fleet, T.
Fox, K.
Gernentz, J.
Golden, K.
Gower, P.
Grigsby, M
Grizzard, K.
Hailey, J.
Hall, P.
Hardy, J.
Harris, H.
Hull, S.
Hutchinson, J.
Israel, B.
Jauz, C.
Jung, J.
Keel, P.
Madrid, J.
Manning, C.
Martin, S.
McClaine, J.
McClendon, M.
McClendon, S.
McKinney, K.
Neimeyer, M.
Pippin, J.
Pippin, W.
Rodgers, L.
Rydell, E.
Schelhouse, P.
Schoening, J.
Swain, K.
Smith, J.
Thomas, L.
Wallum, K.
Wallum, S.
Weathers, C.
Weaver, S.
Williams, G.
Williams, K.
Williams, T.