Our Leaders

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is a hard-working group from our MCS Community. Together they set the vision for the school, working with the Administration to provide an environment where we can meet our  Mission.

Mr. Alan Brown, Board Chairman

Alan attended Midland Christian through the Fifth Grade. Alan and his wife, Holly, have five children: Allison graduated from MCS in 2013, Annie is a 2015 Graduate; A.J. and Abby Claire graduated in 2018, and Moses will join his brother and sisters at MCS in the near future. Alan has served on the Midland Christian Board for 11 years.

Mrs. Rita Brown is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. She and her husband, Dale, have been involved with MCS for over 40 years. Rita has been a member of the board for 25 years and served as President for 10 years. The Browns have 6 children, all of whom attended MCS, and 26 grandchildren, 10 of whom are students at MCS. Twelve grandchildren have graduated from MCS.

Mr. Dale Fowler is the owner of Zeno Office Solutions. Dale and his wife, D'Nese, have been connected with MCS for over 20 years and Dale has served on the board for 15 of those years. They have three children: Kendi, Jamey and Brantly - all graduates of Midland Christian.

Mr. Kyle Hammond has been associated with Midland Christian for over 10 years. Kyle and his wife, Lori, have 5 children: Cody, a 2007 graduate of MCS; Caroline and Catherine are 2015 Graduates; Madelyn graduated in 2017; Blake currently attends MCS.

Mrs. Nikki Hughes is a senior accountant and CPA at Crownquest Operating. She has been involved with MCS for 10 years and served on the LACE (now PTF) board while her daughters were in elementary school. Nikki and her husband, Joel, have two daughters: Lauren, a 2018 graduate, and Lexie, who is currently attending MCS. Nikki has been a member of the board for 4 years.

Mr. Dan LeRoy is the Senior Legal Advisor of Legacy Reserves. Dan and his wife, Bethany, have been associated with MCS for 17 years. They have two children, Madison, who graduated from MCS in 2013 and Parker in 2017.

Mr. Travis McGraw is in Revenue Accounting at Legacy Reserves Operating, LLP. Travis was a member of the first graduating class (1981) of MCS. He has been involved with the school since that time. He and his wife, Donna, have two sons, Mark and Nathan, both graduates of Midland Christian.

Mr. Jason Stockstill is part of the commercial supply team at HollyFrontier Corporation. Jason and his wife, Holli, have been associated with MCS for eight years. They have two sons, Jaret and Jake, who both attend MCS as junior high and elementary students, respectively.

Mr. Ryan Riddle is the Chief Financial Officer for Fortress Energy LLC. He joined the Board of Trustees in 2020 and serves on its Investments Committee. Ryan and his wife, Amy, a 2002 Graduate of MCS, have four daughters Riley, Peyton, Sloane, and Beau, who attend MCS. 

Wes Gotcher and his wife, Carrie, have lived in Midland since 2011 and have 4 children: Graham, Gibson, Gavin and Caroline. Mr. Gotcher is the Managing Broker at Moriah Real Estate Company.

Administration and Support Staff

Jared Lee - Superintendent

Rory Waide - Chief Financial Officer

Eddie Lee - Chancellor

Jumon Hailey - High School Principal

Dana Ellis - Junior High Principal

Laura Eves - Elementary Principal

Geta Mitchell - Elementary Academic Dean

Cristin Coulter - Early Education Principal

Allison Zachry - Director of Admissions

Greg McClendon - Athletic Director

Chris Ryburn - Assistant Athletic Director

Amanda Friday - Athletic Assistant

Jardon Powell - Communications Director & College Advising

Kim Kelso - Registrar
Courtnee McHugh - Director of Advancement

Carol Lee - Auction Coordinator

Lindsey Moon
- Controller

Sandra Hull - Bookkeeper

Shannon Dallas -
Elementary Counselor

Brooke Raley – Elementary Receptionist

Denise Edwards – Elementary Secretary

Rhonda Bruce - Elementary Testing Coordinator

Patty Holt - Early Elementary Receptionist

 Adam Elliott - Campus Minister

Kathi Hutton - Campus Minister

Dale Myers -
IT Director

Allen Roundtree - PC Tech

Trent Langford – Technology Integrationist

Joe Quintero - Apple Tech

Nate McGraw - Media/IT