McClaine, J.

High School Art:

High School Art School Supplies:

Due 1st week of school:

-$25 Art Fee payable to MCS (students can give it to me during the first two weeks and I will turn in to the office and after that time the office will send a bill)

-9” x 12” sketchbook

-40+ Original Photos (See Scavenger Hunt Link for photo ideas). Load all your pictures on your computer then print out 40 of your favorite pictures in color on regular printer paper. These will be your inspiration and reference pictures for your art projects. During the 1st week, I will send a link for you to share your pictures with me for a grade.

-20+ “miscellaneous junk” for Assemblage/Found art/Steam Punk Art

Each student needs to bring 20+ (or more) “junk” items to make some incredible 2D and 3D art pieces this year. The “junk” pieces can be ANYTHING from a found object from nature to broken objects, to rusty metal, or anything “unique” that has texture, shape and/or visual interest to create “Found” art assemblage to Steam Punk projects. Here are some ideas:

JEWELRY – broken jewelry, charms, pendants, chains, costume jewelry, watches, insides of watches, brooches, etc.

GLASS – perfume bottles or other uniquely shaped bottles and lids, light bulbs, electric pole insulators, sheets of stained glass, etc.

PLASTIC – PVC, toys from Happy Meals, old matchbox toys, game pieces, Lego pieces, Barbies, toy house stuff, gears, plastic jewelry, buttons, dominoes, dice, kitchen play food and dishes, dominoes, old dolls (or doll parts), etc.

METAL – old typewriters, nuts, bolts, rusted metal pieces, screws, wire, wire, coils, springs, nails, old keys, old tools, buttons, thread bobbins, bicycle chains, gears, cogs, clock faces, clock parts, silverware, empty bullet casings, small metal boxes, doorknobs, door hinges, spark plugs, pressure gauges, washers, bottle caps, old computer parts (inside), circuit boards, toy cars, pulleys, small car parts, horseshoes, etc.

SEWING SUPPLIES – old zippers, wooden spools, small scissors, bobbins, old scissors

FABRIC - scrap fabric, lace, rickrack, old buttons, rolls of ribbon, trims, lace doilies, leather goods, baby shoes, etc.

PAPER – office supplies, old hardcover books, old piano sheet music, old scrapbook paper, tissue paper, old puzzle pieces, old patterns, doilies, old sewing patterns, old photos, maps (world or US), concert tickets, etc.

KITCHEN – old utensils, cheese graters, forks, knives, spoons, beaters for mixer, small teapots, tea strainers, measuring spoons, metal colanders, etc.

COMPUTER PARTS - Motherboards, old CD’s, circuit boards, etc.

WOODEN PIECES – old wire brushes, paint brush handles, small pieces scrap wood, driftwood, pinecones, used picture frames, etc.

FAKE FLOWERS – leftover plastic, silk or metal flowers

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS – plug-in sockets, packs of seeds (adds texture)

As you can tell with the above “junk” request, basically anything goes! We will sort all the items into bins and the students will create art sculpture. Thank you so much for your help!

REQUIRED: Photography_Scavenger_Hunt_19-20(1).docx

Model Release Form: ArtworkInformationForm(1).pdf

Junior High Art:

$25 Art Fee payable to MCS (students can give it to me during the first two weeks and I will turn in to the office and after that time the office will send a bill)

9” x 12” sketchbook