Adopt a High School Senior - Permian Basin

It’s no question each age is being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic differently. There’s one group, however, you could say has been impacted the most uniquely. 

If you had told the Class of 2020 the end of their senior year would be cut short by 25%, there’s a good chance the first 75% of the year may have looked differently. And while the possibility we may return to campus in May lingers, making memories is what senior year is all about. So what happens when you can’t go to school, buy a prom dress, compete in the state track meet or even see your friends? Admittedly, it’s difficult not to get bogged down in the loss of those memories you only get one senior year to make. 

And while those memories can never be replaced, the Permian Basin community has tried to fill in the gap to ensure seniors around the area feel special. Bonnie Eckles, Midland Christian’s Athletic Assistant, was introduced to the idea of “adopting” a high school senior through family in Lubbock and soon created a Facebook group to support the Permian Basin seniors. This group “adopts” high school seniors from any high school in the area by sending them their support through any means they can afford: letters, gift cards, treats, etc. As of Monday, April 13th, over 340 seniors had been added to the group including 39 Midland Christian seniors, with more seniors being added constantly.

If you would like to adopt a 2020 senior or add your senior to the group for adoption, request to join the “Adopt A High School Senior - Permian Basin” group on Facebook.