Leading.  Building.  Equipping for Christ.

Our Foundations


Our History

In the late 1950s a group of men and women had a vision. They dreamed of a school in Midland that closely resembled the school they attended as children.  A school that taught Biblical principles, alongside Science, Math and English principles.  A school that acknowledged Christ and sought guidance from the Word.  A school that would “train up a child in the way” (Prov. 22:6).  A school that would partner with parents in raising Godly children and adults.  With these guiding principles these men and women formed Midland Christian School in 1957, meeting in a small building behind their church in downtown Midland.  They welcomed thirty students – fifteen kindergarteners and fifteen first graders.  It was evident to the founders that God was blessing this idea, so they went to the edge of town and built three buildings at the school’s current address and opened its doors in 1963.  Grades were added throughout the years until 1981, when Midland Christian’s first graduating class walked the stage.  The pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics and the arts continues to be our trademark.  God has blessed this pursuit over the years with enrollment exceeding 1200, making Midland Christian the second largest school of its kind in the country.  The present finds us enjoying new facilities, wonderful Christian faculty and staff, and a vision for a great future.

"Because we believe in God and want to train up our children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord..." (from the first MCS yearbook, circa 1973)

Our Mission

The mission of Midland Christian School is to assist parents in leading students to love God and to seek truth by training them in a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes moral and academic excellence and inspires them to develop their God-given talents for lives of Christian leadership and service.

Chapel Program, 1977

Our Philosophy

Midland Christian School believes that Christianity promotes the highest ideals, develops the strongest character, and holds the greatest promise of any way of life. The entire program of Midland Christian School centers around Biblical principles that govern Christianity, instilling a Biblical worldview in the hearts of students.

The question to be asked at the end of an educational step is not "What has the child learned?", but "What has the child become?" - J.P. Monroe

Our Purpose

We are motivated in all facets by our faith in Jesus Christ, attempting to serve as a reflection of God’s unconditional love for all people.  We seek to honor the Lord in all that we do by operating Midland Christian School in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.  It is important to us that every word and deed engaged in by Midland Christian School, its employees, representatives, volunteers, and students be consistent with and in furtherance of Midland Christian School’s religious purposes: both publicly and privately. We are committed to putting our faith into action every day as we use our lives to make a tangible difference for children. 

All activities which Midland Christian School pursues are for the dual religious purposes of furthering its Christian mission, message, and viewpoint and educating students in accordance with that mission.  Whether the activity has an exclusively religious purpose (e.g. worship service, discipleship classes, or religious teaching) or is an ancillary religious activity (e.g. community service projects, extracurricular activities, or social events), it is intended to glorify God.  Midland Christian School conducts all activities in a holistic manner in order to foster, repeat, advertise or express its Christian mission, message and viewpoint.  In this way every school activity itself is infused with a religious purpose, as an act of faith, intending to further Midland Christian School’s religious beliefs.  Our commitment to our faith is outlined in, but not limited to: the Parent/Student Handbook, the Teacher Handbook, the Acceptable Use and Laptop Agreements, the Board Policy Manual, the Mission Statement, and the Statement of Philosophy (the “Written Statements of Faith”).

Conveying Midland Christian School’s Christian message is at the heart of all that we do: in life, deed, word and expression.  Midland Christian School is dedicated to instilling in our students and the community the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, not simply engaging in organized worship.  Provision of community services and charity are some of the means of fulfilling Christian duty and providing an example of the Christ-like way of life that Midland Christian School seeks to foster. Some examples of this include: care for children, widows, and those in need, as well as evangelism, strengthening Christian leadership, discipleship and Biblical education.  Therefore all behavior of students and staff of the school is communicative in nature, exemplifying the faith.  Associating with likeminded Christian families reinforces Midland Christian School’s Christian purpose and is vital to the faith’s perpetuation.

Finally the primary, exclusive, and only purposes for which Midland Christian School is organized are religious in nature, including the propagation of our religious faith through biblical education, community services, and curriculum.  Likewise, Midland Christian School intends to disseminate, teach, and preach the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ, to encourage and aid the growth, nurture and spread of Christianity and to render Christian service.  The recital of these purposes is intended to be exclusive of any and all other purposes, this Midland Christian School being formed for religious and charitable purposes only.