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Main Numbers:


Main Office / Admissions: 432-694-1661

FAX: 432-694-5281


Elementary: 432-262-8170


After-school Care: 432-262-8194

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Physical Address:

2001 Culver
Midland, TX 79705
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Faculty and Staff Contacts

  Name Title Group Contact
Reagan Alexander Alexander, Reagan PE Teacher 432-694-1661
Lance Armstrong Armstrong, Lance Athletics Tennis 432-694-1661
Stephanie Arnold Arnold, Stephanie Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Gordon Awtry Awtry, Gordon Instructor History 432-694-1661
Janecka Beckett Beckett, Janecka Instructor Kindergarten 432-694-1661
Karen Bell Bell, Karen Instructor Third Grade 432-694-1661
Tracie Braden Braden, Tracie Aide PE 432-694-1661
Kevin Broome Broome, Kevin Instructor Band Director 432-694-1661
Jill Brown Brown, Jill College Counselor 432-694-1661
Rhonda Bruce Bruce, Rhonda Instructor Counselor 432-694-1661
Warren Bruce Bruce, Warren Support 432-694-1661
DeEtte Brunson Brunson, DeEtte Instructor Third Grade 432-694-1661
Ellen Bryant Bryant, Ellen Instructor Math 432-694-1661
John Bundy Bundy, John Youth Minister Bible 505-287-1555
Brittney Burleson Burleson, Brittney Instructor First Grade 432-694-1661
Emily Carter Carter, Emily Instructor First Grade 432-694-1661
Terah Clifton Clifton, Terah Instructor JH Art, JH Journalism, Psychology 432-694-1661
Holly Condit Condit, Holly Instructor First Grade 432-694-1661
Kelly Conley Conley, Kelly Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Elizabeth Cookman Cookman, Elizabeth Instructor Preschool 432-694-1661
Priscilla Coolbaugh Coolbaugh, Priscilla Instructor Science 432-694-1661
Cristin Coulter Coulter, Cristin Principal Govt/Econ 432-694-1661
Matthew Counts Counts, Matthew Instructor World Geography 432-694-1661
Erin Culpepper Culpepper, Erin teacher Sixth Grade 4326941661
Laura Curry Curry, Laura Instructor 432-694-1661
Shannon Dallas Dallas, Shannon Instructor Computer 432-694-1661
Amy Daniels Daniels, Amy Instructor Science 432-694-1661
Mark Dean Dean, Mark Instructor Bible 432-694-1661
Caren Dixon Dixon, Caren Instructor Bible 432-694-1661
Kelsey Edwards Edwards, Kelsey Instructor History 432-694-1661
Adam Elliott Elliott, Adam Campus Minister Bible, Campus Ministry 432-694-1661
Dana Ellis Ellis, Dana Instructor 432-695-6277
Lisa Etheredge Etheredge, Lisa Instructor History 432-694-1661
Faith Eves Eves, Faith Librarian Library 432-694-1661
Alicia Filyukova Filyukova, Alicia Instructor P.E. 432-694-1661
Kim Flatt Flatt, Kim Instructor Art 432-694-1661
Tyler Fleet Fleet, Tyler Instructor Science
Vanessa Fleming Fleming, Vanessa Instructor First Grade 432-694-1661
Kevin Fox Fox, Kevin Teacher and Minister Bible 432-694-1661
Josefina Galindo Galindo, Josefina Support 432-694-1661
Maria Galindo Galindo, Maria Instructor Spanish 432-694-1661
Rudy Galindo Galindo, Rudy Support 432-694-1661
Jill Gernentz Gernentz, Jill Instructor Computer 432-694-1661
Paula Gower Gower, Paula Instructor Bible, Home Ec 432-694-1661
Kallie Graham Graham, Kallie Aide 432-694-1661
Mandy Grigsby Grigsby, Mandy Instructor Bible, English 432-694-1661
Kresha Grizzard Grizzard, Kresha Instructor Bible, History 432-694-1661
Ashleigh Gunter Gunter, Ashleigh Instructor Third Grade 432-694-1661
Hendi Gunter Gunter, Hendi Instructor 432-694-1661
Christie Hamilton Hamilton, Christie Instructor Choir 432-694-1661
Judy Hardy Hardy, Judy Instructor Govt/Econ, P.E., World Geography 432-694-1661
Heather Harris Harris, Heather Instructor English 432-694-1661
Kym Hellums Hellums, Kym Instructor 432-694-1661
Karen Higgins Higgins, Karen Librarian Library 432-694-1661
Brooke Hill Hill, Brooke Instructor
Amy Hopkins Hopkins, Amy Aide 432-694-1661
Angel Hufford Hufford, Angel After School Care Worker 432-520-5898
Nikki Hughes Hughes, Nikki Trustee 432-638-9644
Sandra Hull Hull, Sandra Bookkeeper 432-694-1661
Shawn Hull Hull, Shawn Instructor Science 432-694-1661
Jarrod Hutchinson Hutchinson, Jarrod Instructor Bible, History
Kathi Hutton Hutton, Kathi Instructor Campus Ministry 432-694-1661
Cindy Ingram Ingram, Cindy Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Bonnie Israel Israel, Bonnie Instructor Bible, Science 432-694-1661
Chris Jauz Jauz, Chris Instructor History 432-694-1661
David Jeffrey Jeffrey, David Math 432-694-1661
Elizabeth Jeter Jeter, Elizabeth Instructor Math 432-694-1661
Bethany Jones Jones, Bethany Instructor Pre-K
Shelly Jones Jones, Shelly
Joseph Jung Jung, Joseph Instructor Choir 432-694-1661
Pam Keel Keel, Pam Instructor English 432-694-1661
Kimberly Kelso Kelso, Kimberly Receptionist 432-262-8170
Staci Kilgore Kilgore, Staci Instructor Kindergarten 432-694-1661
Trent Langford Langford, Trent Instructor PE
Cathie Lanham Lanham, Cathie Instructor 432-694-1661
Marks Lanham Lanham, Marks Instructor World Geography 432-694-1661
Jon Lanier Lanier, Jon Athletics Tennis 432-694-1661
Jan Lary Lary, Jan Instructor Kindergarten 432-694-1661
Carol Lee Lee, Carol Development Director 432-694-1661
Eddie Lee Lee, Eddie Superintendent 432-694-1661
Jared Lee Lee, Jared Academic Dean 432-694-1661
Betty Linthicum Linthicum, Betty Principal 432-694-1661
Jim Linthicum Linthicum, Jim Principal 432-694-1661
Lindsey Lipham Lipham, Lindsey Accountant 432-250-7896
Brandi Little Little, Brandi Instructor Kindergarten 432-694-1661
Tracy Lott Lott, Tracy Instructor Third Grade 432 553-9464
Hannah Lunsford Lunsford, Hannah Substitute
Julie Madrid Madrid, Julie Instructor Science 432-694-1661
Rachel Manning Manning, Rachel Director 432-694-1661
Sheree Martin Martin, Sheree Instructor Math 432-694-1661
Melissa Matthews Matthews, Melissa Instructor Bible, Science 432-694-1661
Jessica McCaslin McCaslin, Jessica Instructor 432-694-1661
Jena McClaine McClaine, Jena Instructor Art 432-694-1661
Greg McClendon McClendon, Greg Athletics Athletic Director 432-694-1661
Susan McClendon McClendon, Susan Instructor History 432-694-1661
Susan McDuffey McDuffey, Susan Support 432-694-1661
Courtnee McHugh McHugh, Courtnee Secretary 432-694-1661
Katrina McKinney McKinney, Katrina Instructor Math 432-694-1661
Bonnie Miller Miller, Bonnie Admissions 432-694-1661
Jorita Mills Mills, Jorita Instructor Sixth Grade 432-694-1661
Geta Mitchell Mitchell, Geta Curriculum Bible 432-694-1661
Deborah Morris Morris, Deborah Support 432-694-1661
Byron Myers Myers, Byron Principal 432-694-1661
Marcia Neimeyer Neimeyer, Marcia Instructor Science 432-694-1661
Hope Odukwu Odukwu, Hope Homemaker
Tammy Parish Parish, Tammy Aide Library 432-694-1661
Rachel Patteson Patteson, Rachel After School Care Worker
Darla Patty Patty, Darla Secretary 432-694-1661
Erin Phillips Phillips, Erin homemaker
Jenny Pippin Pippin, Jenny Instructor Bible, Speech 432-694-1661
Wil Pippin Pippin, Wil Instructor Bible, Math 432-694-1661
Angie Plemons Plemons, Angie Instructor Third Grade 432-694-1661
Cherise Procter Procter, Cherise Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Mike Robles Robles, Mike Instructor Health Ed
Susan Rock Rock, Susan Support Library 432-694-1661
Lorie Rodgers Rodgers, Lorie Instructor Spanish 432-694-1661
Letty Romero Romero, Letty Kitchen Staff 432-694-1661
Allen Roundtree Roundtree, Allen Computer Tech 432-262-8180
Chris Ryburn Ryburn, Chris Instructor Asst. Athletic Director 432-694-1661
Ember Rydell Rydell, Ember Instructor Theatre 432-694-1661
Noemi Samaniego Samaniego, Noemi Instructor Pre-K
Pamela Schelhouse Schelhouse, Pamela Instructor Spanish 432-694-1661
Jeremy Schoening Schoening, Jeremy Instructor Govt/Econ 432-694-1661
Cooper Schoolcraft Schoolcraft, Cooper Instructor Bible 432-694-1661
Liz Sevcik Sevcik, Liz Nurse 432-694-1661
Ruth Sheppard Sheppard, Ruth Instructor 432-694-1661
Claudia Sifuentes Sifuentes, Claudia Kitchen Staff
Brittany Simpkins Simpkins, Brittany
Alexis Sloan Sloan, Alexis Instructor Fourth Grade 432-694-1661
Alice Smith Smith, Alice Instructor English 432-694-1661
Janet Smith Smith, Janet Instructor English 432-694-1661
Melissa Smith Smith, Melissa Instructor Sixth Grade 432-694-1661
Andrea Snell Snell, Andrea Instructor Sixth Grade 432-694-1661
Amanda Sosa Sosa, Amanda Instructor Preschool 432-694-1661
Cheryl Speer Speer, Cheryl Instructor 432-694-1661
Jason Stockstill Stockstill, Jason Trustee 4329674099
Becky Suarez Suarez, Becky Teacher Aide 432-262-8170
Amy Suggs Suggs, Amy Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Lee Summers Summers, Lee Athletics 432-694-1661
Sergio Tarin Tarin, Sergio Instructor Band
April Taylor Taylor, April Aide
Estella Thomas Thomas, Estella Support Apple Tech Support 432-694-1661
Lori Thomas Thomas, Lori Instructor Math 432-685-4618
Travis Thompson Thompson, Travis Instructor/Ath Trainer History 432-694-1661
Kathryn Tobias Tobias, Kathryn Instructor Third Grade 432-694-1661
Estella Torres Torres, Estella Kitchen Staff 432-682-4387
Rory Waide Waide, Rory Chief Financial Officer 432-262-8156
Judy Wallum Wallum, Judy Principal 432-694-1661
Kevin Wallum Wallum, Kevin Instructor Bible, Health 432-694-1661
Stephanie Wallum Wallum, Stephanie Instructor Bible, Computer 432-694-1661
Leslie Warpula Warpula, Leslie Instructor Kindergarten 432-694-1661
Linda Watson Watson, Linda Athletics Athletic Assistant 432-694-1661
Cindy Weathers Weathers, Cindy Instructor English 432-694-1661
Karen Whiteman Whiteman, Karen Call To Prayer Dir. 432-697-7799
Maegan Whiting Whiting, Maegan Instructor Second Grade 432-694-1661
Greg Williams Williams, Greg Instructor Spanish 432-694-1661
Misty Williams Williams, Misty Kitchen Staff 575-942-0767