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Main Numbers:


Main Office / Admissions: 432-694-1661

FAX: 432-694-5281


Elementary: 432-694-4027


After-school Care: 432-262-8194

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Physical Address:

2001 Culver
Midland, TX 79705
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Name Title Group
Adams, Lacey Receptionist Elementary
Alexander, Reagan PE Teacher Elementary
Lance Armstrong Armstrong, Lance Athletics Tennis
Stephanie Arnold Arnold, Stephanie Instructor Second Grade
Janecka Beckett Beckett, Janecka Instructor Kindergarten
Karen Bell Bell, Karen Instructor Third Grade
Bohne, Collin Instructor History
Tracie Braden Braden, Tracie Aide PE
Kevin Broome Broome, Kevin Instructor Band Director
Rhonda Bruce Bruce, Rhonda Instructor Counselor
Warren Bruce Bruce, Warren Support
DeEtte Brunson Brunson, DeEtte Instructor Third Grade
Ellen Bryant Bryant, Ellen Instructor Math
Brittney Burleson Burleson, Brittney Instructor First Grade
Emily Carter Carter, Emily Instructor First Grade
Clark, Taylor Instructor, Coach Elementary PE, Volleyball
Holly Condit Condit, Holly Instructor First Grade
Kelly Conley Conley, Kelly Instructor Second Grade
Elizabeth Cookman Cookman, Elizabeth Instructor Preschool
Priscilla Coolbaugh Coolbaugh, Priscilla Instructor Science
Cristin Coulter Coulter, Cristin Principal Early Elementary
Matthew Counts Counts, Matthew Instructor World Geography
Erin Culpepper Culpepper, Erin Instructor Sixth Grade
Laura Curry Curry, Laura Instructor Fourth Grade
Shannon Dallas Dallas, Shannon Instructor Computer
Amy Daniels Daniels, Amy Instructor Science
Mark Dean Dean, Mark Instructor Bible
Caren Dixon Dixon, Caren Instructor Bible
Kelsey Edwards Edwards, Kelsey Instructor History
Adam Elliott Elliott, Adam Campus Minister Bible, Campus Ministry
Dana Ellis Ellis, Dana Instructor Fourth Grade
Faith Eves Eves, Faith Librarian Library
Tyler Fleet Fleet, Tyler Instructor Science
Vanessa Fleming Fleming, Vanessa Instructor First Grade
Kevin Fox Fox, Kevin Instructor Bible
Josefina Galindo Galindo, Josefina Support Maintenance
Maria Galindo Galindo, Maria Instructor Spanish
Rudy Galindo Galindo, Rudy Support Maintenance
Jill Gernentz Gernentz, Jill Instructor Computer
Paula Gower Gower, Paula Instructor Bible, Home Ec
Kallie Graham Graham, Kallie Aide Early Education
Mandy Grigsby Grigsby, Mandy Instructor Bible, English
Grindstaff, Lauren Instructor Pre-K
Kresha Grizzard Grizzard, Kresha Instructor Bible, History
Ashleigh Gunter Gunter, Ashleigh Instructor Third Grade
Hendi Gunter Gunter, Hendi Instructor Fifth Grade
Hailey, Jumon Instructor Math
Christie Hamilton Hamilton, Christie Instructor Choir
Judy Hardy Hardy, Judy Instructor Govt/Econ, P.E., World Geography
Heather Harris Harris, Heather Instructor English
Kym Hellums Hellums, Kym Instructor Fifth Grade
Karen Higgins Higgins, Karen Librarian Library
Brooke Hill Hill, Brooke Instructor Fifth Grade
Amy Hopkins Hopkins, Amy Aide
Angel Hufford Hufford, Angel After School Care Worker
Sandra Hull Hull, Sandra Bookkeeper
Shawn Hull Hull, Shawn Instructor Science
Jarrod Hutchinson Hutchinson, Jarrod Instructor Bible, History
Kathi Hutton Hutton, Kathi Instructor Campus Ministry
Cindy Ingram Ingram, Cindy Instructor Second Grade
Bonnie Israel Israel, Bonnie Instructor Bible, Science
Chris Jauz Jauz, Chris Instructor History
Bethany Jones Jones, Bethany Instructor Pre-K
Joseph Jung Jung, Joseph Instructor Choir
Pam Keel Keel, Pam Instructor English
Kimberly Kelso Kelso, Kimberly Secretary
Jarrod Koym Koym, Jarrod Instructor/Coach P.E.
Trent Langford Langford, Trent Instructor PE
Cathie Lanham Lanham, Cathie Instructor Fourth Grade
Marks Lanham Lanham, Marks Instructor World Geography
Jon Lanier Lanier, Jon Athletics Tennis
Eddie Lee Lee, Eddie Chancellor
Jared Lee Lee, Jared Superintendent
Betty Linthicum Linthicum, Betty Principal Primary
Jim Linthicum Linthicum, Jim Principal Junior High
Lindsey Lipham Lipham, Lindsey Accountant Administration
Brandi Little Little, Brandi Instructor Kindergarten
Tracy Lott Lott, Tracy Instructor Third Grade
Julie Madrid Madrid, Julie Instructor Science
Manning, Chaney Instructor Math
Rachel Manning Manning, Rachel Director Food Services
Sheree Martin Martin, Sheree Instructor Math
Melissa Matthews Matthews, Melissa Instructor Bible, Science
Jessica McCaslin McCaslin, Jessica Instructor Fifth Grade
Jena McClaine McClaine, Jena Instructor Art
Greg McClendon McClendon, Greg Athletic Director Athletics
Susan McClendon McClendon, Susan Instructor History, Study Skills
Susan McDuffey McDuffey, Susan Aide Elementary Art
Courtnee McHugh McHugh, Courtnee Director of Advancement
Katrina McKinney McKinney, Katrina Instructor Math
Bonnie Miller Miller, Bonnie Registrar, Admissions
Jorita Mills Mills, Jorita Instructor Sixth Grade
Geta Mitchell Mitchell, Geta Director of Curriculum, Instructor Bible
Kristi Molinar Molinar, Kristi Instructor Elementary Art
Deborah Morris Morris, Deborah Support
Byron Myers Myers, Byron Principal
Marcia Neimeyer Neimeyer, Marcia Instructor Science
Mindy Nixon Nixon, Mindy Secretary Elementary
Tammy Parish Parish, Tammy Aide Library
Rachel Patteson Patteson, Rachel After School Care Worker
Jenny Pippin Pippin, Jenny Instructor Bible, Speech
Wil Pippin Pippin, Wil Instructor Bible, Math
Angie Plemons Plemons, Angie Instructor Third Grade
Powell, Jardon College Counselor
Cherise Procter Procter, Cherise Instructor Second Grade
Mike Robles Robles, Mike Instructor, Coach Health, Head Baseball Coach
Susan Rock Rock, Susan Aide Elementary Library
Lorie Rodgers Rodgers, Lorie Instructor Spanish
Rodriguez, Tahni Nurse
Allen Roundtree Roundtree, Allen Computer Tech
Chris Ryburn Ryburn, Chris Assistant Athletic Director Head Boys Basketball Coach
Ember Rydell Rydell, Ember Instructor Theatre
Salstrom, Neda Instructor Kindergarten
Noemi Samaniego Samaniego, Noemi Instructor Pre-K
Pamela Schelhouse Schelhouse, Pamela Instructor Spanish
Jeremy Schoening Schoening, Jeremy Instructor Govt/Econ
Cooper Schoolcraft Schoolcraft, Cooper Instructor Bible
Liz Sevcik Sevcik, Liz Lead Nurse
Ruth Sheppard Sheppard, Ruth Instructor Fourth Grade
Claudia Sifuentes Sifuentes, Claudia Kitchen Staff
Alexis Sloan Sloan, Alexis Instructor Fourth Grade
Alice Smith Smith, Alice Instructor English
Janet Smith Smith, Janet Instructor English
Melissa Smith Smith, Melissa Instructor Sixth Grade
Andrea Snell Snell, Andrea Instructor Sixth Grade
Amanda Sosa Sosa, Amanda Instructor Preschool
Cheryl Speer Speer, Cheryl Instructor Fifth Grade
Becky Suarez Suarez, Becky Aide Elementary
Amy Suggs Suggs, Amy Instructor Second Grade
Sergio Tarin Tarin, Sergio Instructor Band Director
April Taylor Taylor, April Receptionist Secondary
Estella Thomas Thomas, Estella Support Apple Tech Support
Lori Thomas Thomas, Lori Instructor Math
Travis Thompson Thompson, Travis Instructor/Ath Trainer History
Kathryn Tobias Tobias, Kathryn Instructor Third Grade
Estella Torres Torres, Estella Kitchen Staff
Vargas,Faith Coach Head Softball Coach
Rory Waide Waide, Rory Chief Financial Officer
Judy Wallum Wallum, Judy Principal Intermediate
Kevin Wallum Wallum, Kevin Instructor Bible, Health
Stephanie Wallum Wallum, Stephanie Instructor Bible, Computer
Leslie Warpula Warpula, Leslie Instructor Kindergarten
Samantha Weaver Weaver,Samantha Instructor Bible,Psychology,Yearbook
Cindy Weathers Weathers, Cindy Instructor English
Karen Whiteman Whiteman, Karen Call To Prayer Dir.
Maegan Whiting Whiting, Maegan Instructor Second Grade
Greg Williams Williams, Greg Instructor Spanish
Misty Williams Williams, Misty Kitchen Staff