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A Daily Devotional Time

At MCS we cherish our time together each day with worship and a brief devotional thought.  Our faith is so important to us that we have made time available in the schedule each school day to set aside the busy-ness, and focus together on our God.  Parents and family are always welcome to join us at any of our group chapels as we share this time. Following are our scheduled times:

All-School Chapel

Every Monday, all Students and Faculty gather in the Thomason Gym for an All-School Chapel time, led by our Superintendent, Mr. Lee.  It is a great blessing and privilege to be able to gather up our students from the youngest to the oldest, as a family.  This happens every Monday (or Tuesday after a Monday holiday) at 9:15 a.m.


All Students PK - 6th Grade meet in the Lee Student Life Center each morning at 8:40 for Chapel.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays (and occasionally Wednesdays), there is a special treat: individual classes present the devotional on these days.  What a blessing it is to have our little ones lead us on these days!


The 7th-12th grades assemble in the Lee Student Life Center every day except Wednesday, at 9:15.
Mondays - All-School Chapel
Tuesdays/Fridays - on these days we are blessed with a student or faculty presentation, or a guest from our community addresses our students
Wednesdays - we take this day for a devotional in the individual Bible classes
Thursdays - Students may opt for a singing/worship chapel, or a non-singing chapel with a speaker's devotional.

Special Chapels

From time to time, different programs or traveling presentations serve as our Chapel for the day.  Watch the announcements from your Grade-level Department for dates and times.  Also, check out our News page.


Chapel Recordings 2018

Blaire Netherlin - 1-30-18
 - 2-2-18
Adam Elliott - 2-6-18
 - 2-9-18
 - 2-13-18
 - 2-16-18