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Permian Basin Area Foundation

Online applications are open to seniors starting January of their senior year, and the deadline is usually the last day of March of their senior year.  For a complete detailed listing of scholarships, please refer to their website. 

Midland College Legacy Scholarship

Students planning on attending Midland College should apply early for this scholarship.  Students will be required to meet the listed requirements on their website as well as complete 40 hours of community service from these organizations. 

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Students who are planning on a career in the Petroleum Industry should apply for this scholarship.  Forms are online and due by Friday, April 6th 2018.

Midland County Republican Women

Female Seniors only,  Form is online. 

Texas Tech Alumni

Online application is due by April 15th, 2018.  Last year Texas Tech Alumni Association awarded over $155,000 in scholarships to incoming freshman.

Sandhills Christian Youth Night

Application is due by December 22, 2017.  Seniors do not have to be associated with the rodeo to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.  In 500 words or less, write about "What God is Doing in Your Life."  Questions? Contact Shirley Johnson.

Link to Application