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College Advising




Welcome to Midland Christian's College Advising Services


My name is Jill Brown and I am the College Guidance Counselor for Midland Christian.  Please email me with any questions regarding your student's college plans.  I am available in the office Monday-Thursday mornings, and can schedule an individual meeting anytime during the week.  




Planning for high school graduation and college admissions starts now!  Are you considering Midland Christian's highest level of academic achievement and potentially earning automatic admissions from selected universities?  First, plan to take Spanish and the higher-level math course in 7th and 8th grade. Next, plan to take all honors core and elective classes in high school.

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities
  • Start a record of all work and volunteer service as well as your activities and awards that can be used for your resume
  • Use family vacations as an opportunity to see different college campuses
  • Your official GPA starts here, so focus on your grades and more challenging courses
  • Register and complete at least one ACT and one SAT test to get a baseline score that you can improve on your junior year
  • Attend Midland Area College Fair at Midland College the first week in October
  • Take the PSAT for practice in October
  • Register through MCS for Midland College dual-credit classes or online college classes
  • Register and complete all ACT or SAT tests for college admissions by end of junior year
  • Open an account with ApplyTx or the Common Application and begin completing general applications for college
  • Complete college essays
  • Create a ZeeMee online resume
  • Schedule college visits and tours
  • Send ACT or SAT test scores to potential colleges and universities
  • Send in all applications to potential colleges by October 1st
  • Fill out an online FAFSA form for financial aid by October 1st
  • Search for scholarships
  • Login to your Parchment account to send your final transcript to your chosen university
  • Attend orientation at your future university and register for your fall freshman classes
  • Consider taking online summer classes at Midland College